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IDmap Institute was established in Israel in 2008. Through its activity the Institute published books, organized conference and created numerous learning content and courses.

The prime goal of the Institute is security education and research activities. Prior to the legal establishment, IDmap engaged in online research and education of students, and improved its experience in developing advanced teaching and learning materials suitable for internet learning environment. Most of the activity is didactic and academic, aimed for teachers and scholars of international programs focused on developing eLearning in teaching Security studies. The researchers of the Institute worked on the development of advanced teaching methodologies combined with advanced didactic tools to adjust the frame of the online teaching to the needs of populations and their technical knowledge.

The vision of the Institute is to create educational technology, methodology and resources to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century.

IDmap provides robust eLearning platform for security companies and trainers to advance their training outreach. At IDmap Institute we align learning materials with the requirements of the international and national regulating entities and enable credits transfer. IDmap Institute is a self-certified training organization, operating under control of elected Certification Committee. The Committee overviews the curriculum and syllabus, certification criteria and eligibility of granting. IDmap Institute offers updated programs in Cyber, Homeland Security and Immigration and Security Management for different levels of expertise.


Post-secondary and special forces training instructors usually hold doctoral degrees or military retired rankings fields. Instructors of special seminars may only need master’s degrees to teach. Educational requirements for online instructor positions may vary based on institutional guidelines and the subject being taught. Currently there are no specific licensing requirements for online teachers or instructors; however, special programs teachers must adhere to state licensing requirements. License eligibility requirements include completing bachelor’s degree programs as well as teacher training programs, which are sometimes called credential programs. Upon meeting these and other state-specific requirements, applicants must pass licensing tests administered by their state boards of education and IDmap’ commission. Instructors are also required to pass education technology tests as part of the application process. To teach online legally across state borders, some online teachers and instructors may require additional licenses, depending on state guidelines. Professors level academic and security forces training instructors graduate with PhD and other doctoral degrees or military retired rankings in particular fields.

Our team of practitioners and researchers has developed strong practice of support and contribution to their courses. They do this through:

  • Participation in professional conferences: Each student has an opportunity to contribute to the research of the lecturer and gain insider experience. Excellent students will be able to attend professional conferences.
  • Constant update of professional courses
  • Professional Social media environment for updates and advice. We are currently implementing a new consultancy campaign consisting of regular security updates through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blog posts as initial campaign.
  • Collaborative work as a team to generate better results. Our students are encouraged to contribute their questions, reviews, analysis and opinions.

Licensing and Certification

IDmap operates under knowledge export permission order by Israeli Ministry of Defense. Badges and Certificates of the Institute are subject to 2-tier authorization procedure including professional attestation, exams and tests evaluation, personal authentication and professional review.

International badges by IDMAP joins rapidly growing network of professional and academic institutions that certify for internationally transferable learning badges and provide Distance Learning Certification. Being a pioneer in specialization programs, IDmap Institute developed complex of unique online certified programs and Diploma certificated professional platforms in the fields of Security Studies. “Growing acceptance of the transferable badges system as a standard for Distance Learning Certification among academic and professional training institutions is a real revolution in dispersion of knowledge. These changes open the boundaries for high-quality information especially for developing countries and remote populations”, comments Dr. Marina Shorer. “We’ve been assessing our programs and online courses for a while to accord with the internationally recognized standards in Distance Learning Certification and now are proud to issue our first badges for 2017-2018 academic year”.

The international badges system is a new standard of the world’s online community to verify and standardize online learning. Within the system of transferable badges, students can enroll for the subjects of their interest and professionalization or even special master-classes. Students are able to collect badges of these programs as a form of recognition and certification of their achievements. Among the professional and academic institutions who already joined the transferable badges world initiative are American Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Madison College, Moodle, NYC Department of Education. Also joined the program Online Model United Nations, Open University, Seton Hall University, Smithsonian American Art Museum, University of Illinois and many other prominent educational, research and professional establishments. For further information please write us. We designed our unique online training programs to especially for students and professionals of Security.

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