IDmap certification programs

IDmap Institute's certifiaction programs prepare individuals, teams and organizations to better manage and evolve in the fields of cyber and homeland security, Middle East, politics, intelligence and technology.

Students pursue Program Certification for 2018-2019 can join group classes. The Institute opens Autumn, Winter and Spring enrollments. Students can collect credits towards Certification studies. Some of programs may include in-class studies and Thesis work. Programs students graduation is evaluated by Curriculum Committees.

Mandatory learning programs ensure that the candidates gain familiarity with mandatory rules, key regulations, and primary process in security management. No organization can flourish without well-certified standards and ethical organizational practices. Our mandated training programs help inculcate effective practices in security management to reduce organizational risks and streamline business operations. Mandated training helps employees comply security practices with organizational policies and government guidelines.

In the USA, all employees must have a Federally Mandated Training that has been defined as per the Standard Form (SF) 182 (Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training). According to the mandate, all Government wide employees must undergo mandatory training sessions within their departments across all Federal agencies. The three Federally Mandated training include:

  • Mandated training for all federal employees
  • Mandated training by role
  • Mandated training by occupation

Similar to the Federal agencies, many organizations and agencies require mandated training for security management. Agency Required Training helps in achieving the goals and objectives of an agency. Mandated training may be required in various domains such as business operations, security management, and risk mitigation. Mandated training ensures that all employees meet the standards and pursue organizational practices.

Our mandated training session’s help you identify, analyze, manage, and mitigate operational risks in an organization. The training sessions also help you comply with best organizational practices and ethical business operations. Join our mandated online security training program to learn the peculiarities of security management in business, industries, and government agencies.

IDmap's Certification Programs

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