Cyber Security Basic Training

Cyber Security Basic Training


    Suspicious email?

    New employee was granted all-system access?

    How safe is your data in the cloud?

    What is the routine cyber checking for small- and medium-size business?

    Why should you take this course?

    Vulnerabilities and lack of knowledge cause majority of home and small-and-middle business computer owners to become victims of Cyber attacks. This basic Cyber security course introduces security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Cyber-security teaches to assure the protection of assets, which includes data, desktops, servers, buildings, and most importantly, humans.

    The Cyber Security basic training offers an interactive and simulation learning environment to develop skills in Cyber Security. Course materials are build in ascending order from the basic to advanced tools. Specially developed testings and experienced lecturers will examine your level of expertise and adjust recommended learning path according to your special learning mode.

    What this course is about?

    You will learn basic terms of the Cyber security, what are the threats and where are they come from. How to detect attack and what to do when you discover that someone else is pouring your private data. The course is built upon gaming simulation learning methodology to simulate real-life decision and business environment. During the course, you’ll learn how to handle different types of Cyber Attacks, and then gain experience by role-playing through several scenarios which use real-life Cyber Attack examples.

    We introduce students to the concepts security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Students will learn how to assure the protection of assets, which includes data, desktops, servers, private and business settings, and most importantly, personnel.  This course is designed to train to recognize attack signals, and then launch an action plan.

    What are the objectives of the course?

    After completion of the course, you’ll be able to analyze, act and validate your cyber action plan with your employees or colleagues.

    Audience of the course:

    • Home computers owners: cyber criminals specially target home computers owners for the following types of crime: ransomware, information theft, password and login credentials, blackmailing, malicious ads and zombing of device.
    • Managers of small- and medium-size businesses: threats for SME businesses will usually include: data breaches, theft of IP and clients database, social engineering, phishing, spoofing, ransomware, POS intrusions.
    • Departments and team leaders: should be aware of the threats both on individual level and on organizational level and prepare regulation and organizational government policy manuals and reports.
    • Students looking to learn cyber security as major field: course is a great introductory level course for students looking to learn Cyber Security as their major filed.

    Protect yourself online:

    Checklists and tutorials of the course ($150 value)!


    Author of the course:

    Dr. Marina Shorer, PhD

    Lecturer for Cyber Security, regulation and Security threats. Dr. Shorer publishes article in scientific and professional journals on Cyber-espionage, Social Networks and fake news, protection of the data. Cyber-security courses created by Dr. Shorer introduce security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data to assure the protection of assets, including data, desktops, servers, buildings, and most importantly, humans.


    Instructor of the course:

    Matthew Hand

    Information security specialist, software developer, project manager, entrepreneur, system administrator, and world traveler. Been involved in many aspects of IT over the years with a specialization in Information Security, .NET Development, Vulnerability Assessment, and Offshore Project Management. Matthew provides value with my ability to protect sensitive data, assess and find solutions to vulnerabilities, automated tasks, and lead offshore developers.


    Course Structure:

    Videos: 2 hours of videos

    Exercises: 2 hour of exercises and assignments


    Why should I learn about Cyber security with IDmap Institute?

    Demand for Cyber specialists clearly understanding the risks and cyber methodologies far outstrips the current supply. If you want to learn and make a career in Cyber to become professional, then you need to enroll for the IDmap Institute CSBT1 course, which is the most efficient and professional course to cover basics of Cyber Security and security for training and certification. Course by IDmap Institute includes all the major components of Cyber Security like threats, decision making, security routine, protecting tools. The entire IDmap Institute training has been created by industry specialists and academics. You will get 24/7 email support and working hours chat support, top-level curriculum and course materials, free certificate PDF issued and printed and sent by regular mail. Best return of investment to acquire lifetime knowledge and career benefits.

    What is the mode of training that IDmap Institute provides?

    The course is offered as self-paced guided course. This means that the Lecturer of the course views results of your quizzes, reads and and evaluates your assignment and grants you a final course Certificate, if you passed the required level.

    How do I apply?

    Click on Enroll now button. At the registration form fill your postal address for Certificate mail and your real email for ongoing correspondence. Click on link of Terms of Study before you click on Proceed to PayPal button. On PayPal gateway you will be able to pay with your credit/debit card to PayPal. There is also option for direct transfer. To require this method you can require this transaction method on

    How do I start?

    Every course is split into weeks or unites. Each module covers a number of topics, and each topic is taught with a short video (usually about 5-10 minutes). Once you’ve finished watching each video, and viewing unit materials, you’ll be able to take a quiz to test your knowledge. These quizzes are mandatory, they are a great way to check how well you understand the topic. Once you’ve completed all the topics in a course, you’ll have a short assessment to complete according to your program. The assessments open and remain open until the end of the course. It’s best to complete the assessment after you’ve watched the all video lectures – and be sure to complete them all by the end of the course according to your learning module, as we can’t extend them beyond that date. Each unit will take 2-4 hours to complete, including watching topic videos, taking quizzes and taking assessments, so remember to set some time aside to get everything done. Some courses are unguided self-paced. These courses are identified as no-guidance self-paced on the course page, and do not have set starting dates or deadlines. After starting a no-guidance course, you can ask to switch to guided course by adding guidance fee.

    How am I assessed?

    All of our courses are assessed using multiple choice tests at the end of each module corresponding your learning style. Each week’s assessment should be completed once you have watched the lecture videos of the corresponding Unit of your program. All assessments will close when the course ends, so be sure to complete them before that date as extensions are not possible. For each course, you must achieve an average mark of at least 60% across the entire course to pass and receive badge of the course. To receive Certificate of the course minimum of 80 (B and on) is required. You can miss one assessment and still be eligible to pass; however, you will be awarded 0% for that assessment so you will need to maintain high grades in the other three assessments to get a 60% average and pass the course. Don’t forget – your total score is an average calculated from the number of units in a course, not the number of assessments you complete, so if you miss an assessment then you’ll have to get a higher score on the remaining assessments to pass.

    When are the lessons scheduled?

    Your Lecturer determines the time of video-lessons depending on the level within the group and the schedule of the Program. In most courses a lesson will be once a week. If the time set for the video-lesson doesn’t work with your schedule, you can ask the instructor if he/she can customize a video call or if you can view the group’s recorded lesson.


    This training course is designed to help you clear Cyber Security Basic Training (CSBT1) exam. The entire training course content is in line with these certification programs and helps you clear these certification exams with ease and get the best jobs in the top of profession.

    As part of this training you will be working on real time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effortlessly.

    At the end of this training program there will be assignment work that perfectly reflects the typical work assignment for reports and analyst work required for this profession.

    IDmap Institute Course Completion Certificate will be awarded on the completion of Project work (on expert review) and upon scoring of at least 60% marks in the final examination. IDmap Institute certification is well recognized in top professional applications.


    Customers reviews

    Very interesting course, will be great to add hands-on applications to try out. Will apreciate more examples of what to do in terms of just questions could use some form of game for the user to experience how treats really happen. Beyond this the course is very professional.

    Tumbuck Ridzwan Pardamean

    Plenty of important info and tips. This course is interesting and I’ve picked a lot of real-life examples and things to do in my business. When I didn’t understand about how prevent ATM machine from scrapping my card, instructor was patient enough to explain.

    Alan Foo


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