Cyber Security in Smart Cities

Cyber Security in Smart Cities

According to expert estimations, in 2018 70-80% of adults connected to the internet use a smart solution in mega-cities: transport, payments, events, education etc. There is a great lack of understanding of key features of the processes of what happens, and which threats can become current when facing cyber-attacks, breaches of private information, IoT misconfiguration and misfunctioning, transportation collisions, infrastructures failures and loss of connectivity as a result of DDoS attacks. IDmap Institute researches, organizes seminars for brainstorming and knowledge transfer, and brings best practices and solutions of the Cyber field into learning and training materials of its online and offline classes.
“We are proud to launch a new Program which will help Municipalities in the world to gain critical knowledge and expertise in a short period of time through training and tailored solutions”, says Dr. Marina Shorer, CEO of IDmap Institute.


    Every day, the world seems to be edging closer to the total actualization of the smart city systems. As advantageous as this is, there is a need to consider the corresponding need for a heightened cybersecurity framework. This is important considering the fact that every crucial information pertaining to smart cities security and its overall everyday function has been actively linked to connecting networks online, and any security bridge could prove rather disastrous.

    There are a number of valid solutions that have been brought to the table, such as a detailed cyber-attack recovery plan or some other form of safeguarded backup, as well as threat override modules. But these solutions must be holistic, because with the increased adoption of smart cities security methods, one of the things that people, and government must be ready to deal with, are the increased chances for hacker activities.

    International Certificate program will cover problems and organisational and technological solutions for Smart Cities new realities.

    Credit towards: Cyber Security Training Program

    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to Cyber security in Smart Cities 00:45:00
    Cyber Security in Smart Cities is a new concept combining knowledge on threats and protection tools with technologies of connection in next generation urban societies.
    Introduction to cybercrime – types 00:45:00
    Introduction to Cybercrime – profiling 00:45:00
    Communication technologies in Smart Cities 00:45:00
    Use of biometric technologies in smart city 00:45:00
    Vectors of cyber attacks in smart cities 00:45:00
    Attack Prevention: steps on risk prevention in Smart Cities 00:45:00
    Risk of leaking personal information and privacy issues 00:45:00
    Training humans and machines for smart city 00:45:00
    Business and organizational continuity solutions after attack 00:45:00
    Decision making in smart cities 00:45:00
    Legal issues of tracking in smart cities 05:00:00
    Smart cities indexes 10:00:00
    Smart cities summary lesson 00:00:00

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