Cyber Security in Smart Cities

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Cyber security in Smart Cities 00:45:00
  • Cyber Security in Smart Cities is a new concept combining knowledge on threats and protection tools with technologies of connection in next generation urban societies.
  • Introduction to cybercrime – types 00:45:00
    Introduction to Cybercrime – profiling 00:45:00
    Communication technologies in Smart Cities 00:45:00
    Use of biometric technologies in smart city 00:45:00
    Vectors of cyber attacks in smart cities 00:45:00
    Attack Prevention: steps on risk prevention in Smart Cities 00:45:00
    Risk of leaking personal information and privacy issues 00:45:00
    Training humans and machines for smart city 00:45:00
    Business and organizational continuity solutions after attack 00:45:00
    Decision making in smart cities 00:45:00
    Legal issues of tracking in smart cities 05:00:00
    Smart cities indexes 10:00:00
    Smart cities summary lesson 00:00:00

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