Cyber Security Methodology Specialist

Cyber Security Methodology Specialist

The course prepares learners to Certificate Level Cyber Testing in cyber methodology. Course provides hands-on experience with well-known information security-related tools. Learners gain knowledge of common attack methodologies, tactics, and protocols. As part of the training, learners are familiarized with a command line environment in multiple operating systems. Obligatory condition of final course exam would be strong foundation of knowledge of TCP/IP networking fundamentals. Learners graduate with knowledge of common network-based services and common client/server applications.


    Structure of the course:

    The Cyber Security Techniques and Methodology Specialist course contains practical examples on figuring out how to assess successfully an entity and meets particular safety aims. Learners will gain understanding, attaining clarification, or acquiring proof of three forms of evaluation strategies: a. testing: exercising a number of evaluation objects to match precise and anticipated behaviors; b. Examination: checking, inspecting, reviewing, observing, learning, or analyzing evaluation objects ; c. Interviewing: conducting discussions

    The Cyber Security Techniques and Methodology Specialist course is divided into modules of a. Planning: Collect data wanted for evaluation execution and develop the evaluation method. Ought to deal with an evaluation as every other mission. b. Execution: Establish vulnerabilities and validate them when applicable. c. Publish-Execution: Analyze recognized vulnerabilities to find out root causes, set up mitigation suggestions, and develop a ultimate report . A number of accepted methodologies for conducting various kinds of safety assessments

    Credit towards: Security Management Certificate Program

    Audience of the course:

    The audience of the course consist of Cyber practitioners who are queered to assist and affirm that techniques are correctly secured.  Also it can be of great help to the IT managers who need to establish any group safety necessities that aren’t met, and find different safety weaknesses that needs to be addressed. The course will help to meet necessities to periodically assess techniques and it is not supposed to take the place of implementing safety controls and sustaining system safety.


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