Cyber Security Trainer

Cyber Security Trainer

Training for cyber awareness, risk management and resilience is an urgent requirement and need of every organization. ICT officers, managers and trainers all are frequently mobilized to run the task. This course provides training methodology for cyber awareness and risk management trainers leading teams of employees. Cyber training should include active and hands-on training of all possible Security threats including cybercrime, cyber war, and cyber terror, and explain and train for all the precautions the organization should take against them.


Credit towards: Cyber Education Certificate Program

Course pre-requirements:

Applicants of the course of Cyber Security Trainer should possess at the least one year of expertise in Cyber Security operations in addition to instructing within their organisation. Alternatively, they should provide reference on instruction and taking part, in any mixture of offensive and defensive Cyber training operations, as a way to get hold of the adequate certificates. Those who don’t possess the required expertise, will need to begin with Cyber Security practitioner course and pass the exam to qualify.  As soon as they acquire the required expertise, they might resubmit for the exams certificates.

Course Curriculum

Cyber Pretest Quiz 00:01:00
Cyber hygiene for CST 00:45:00
Educational software for CST 00:45:00
SCORM for CST 00:45:00
Blackboard Learn for CST 00:00:00
Canvas for CST 00:45:00
Interactive whiteboard (IWB) for CST 00:45:00
Blended Learning for CST 00:45:00
Flipped classes for CST 00:00:00
Open Educational Resources for CST 00:45:00
  • £650
  • 3 months
  • 50 SEATS
  • Course Badge
  • Course Certificate
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