Emergency and Communication Officer

Emergency and Communication Officer

Social media spreads news on Cyber breaches in light speed. Without fast and coherent reaction on the events, the company would face loss of prestige, name and probably clients.
According to statistics, about 70% of companies who experienced Cyber breaches widely circulated on public had been ceased to exist within 1 year.

The risks and opportunities which digital technologies, devices and media bring us are manifest. Cyber risk is never a matter purely for the IT team, although they clearly play a vital role. An organisation’s risk management function need a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving risks as well as the practical tools and techniques available to address them.


    Credit towards: Cyber Education Certificate Program

    Course structure:

    Learners of emergency communications officer online program will learn the scenario based situational solutions. The communications of emergency response managers had been tracked throughout simulated catastrophic occasions. Local, state, federal and international Security response routines utilizing a wide range of communication media with the intention to examine the utility of latest communication channels for emergency response administration. Social, electronic and printed media will be used and analyzed together with the capabilities to provide continuous and coherent communication, and the patterns that will emerge will be described and quantified.

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