Hacked Democracy

Hacked Democracy

Elections became an useful tool for cyber terrorists to influence outcomes of the elections by different cyber crime methods. This course oversees technical, operational and administrative aspects of the cyber attacks of the recent years, methods and attack vectors of the terrorists. The course offers defensive approaches for the elections staff to ensure the operational resilience of equipment; capability to use technology to fight threats; information infrastructure security; cyber incident response capabilities; and capacity to protect elections digital infrastructure.


Credit towards: Middle East and Politics Certificate Program

About the course:

The course of Hacked Democracy Expertise is exposing democracy’s vulnerabilities. After hackers, allegedly working for the Russian authorities, stole politically delicate paperwork and used them in an try and affect the US election consequence, governments internationally have scrambled to know how such cyber-meddling might be prevented. On the similar time intelligence companies in lots of democratic nations have amassed monumental cyber-surveillance powers which, critics cost, pose a rising menace to civil liberties. Is expertise a menace to democracy? How can open, networked societies stability transparency and safety within the digital age?

The course of Hacked Democracy opens its doors to reveal techniques and strategies used by political actors to influence outcomes of the elections and support preferred candidates. It analysis examples of corruption, attacks, influencing techniques to achieve the desired outcomes and goals.

Audience of the course:

NGOs, government employees, Cyber Security practitioners, public and political activists.

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