Identity Access Manager

Identity Access Manager

The course teaches methodology and hands-on training of technology to provide Enterprise wide support for Identity and Access Management (IAM) functions, including network & email access, accounts for applications for employees, vendors, 3rd party API and contractors. The materials provide professional background for using of designated provisioning tools and documented procedures and policies, complete enrollment and dis-enrollment activities to support authorized access to the network and coordinate activities to permit access to applications in partnership with defined policies & procedures. Graduates of the course will receive training in provision of analysis and implementation of identity management solutions.


    Credit towards: Cyber Security Certificate Program

    This Identity Access Manager course deals with the contemporary, 21st Century skills in Internet identity, security and safety. When the threats coming from virtual worlds become real knowing how to fight them becomes a necessity. This course would be beneficial for government officials as well as students.

    Course structure:

    IDmap Institute provides tools to elaborate the complexities and time-consuming processes usually required to control identities. Special learning and training methodology of IDmap Institute provide the path to handle privileged accounts and management entry. IDmap Institute trainers provide routine guidance how to improve enterprise agility whereas addressing your Identity Access Management challenges with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Within the training programs of IDmap Institute, the future Identity Manager will be able to:

    • Outline a transparent path to governance, entry management and privileged administration
    • Deploy IAM options and obtain best outcomes
    • Establish proven IAM initiatives that speed up enterprise operations
    • Provide vertical managers to make entry choices
    • Leverage modular, built-in elements to start out constructing from wherever

    Audience of the course:

    Cyber Security specialists, enterprise governance employees, junior level managers, government employees

    Course Curriculum

    Authorization for IAM 00:45:00
    Detection alerts and indicators of fraud for IAM 00:45:00
    Identity management software for IAM 00:45:00
    Cloud computer security for IAM 00:45:00
    Collection and analysis of data for IAM 00:45:00
    Computer communication: switchers and routers for IAM 00:45:00
    TCP/IP for IAM 00:45:00
    Cyber risks identification for IAM 00:45:00
    Situational awareness for IAM 00:45:00
    • £1,450
    • 3 months
    • 30 SEATS
    • Course Badge
    • Course Certificate
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