Political Campaigns on Internet

Political Campaigns on Internet


    The internet has become the new major playing ground for political campaigns.  Political campaigners must use the internet if they wish to have any sort of success.  From Barack Obama up to Kim Dotcom, the first decade of Internet political campaigns is almost over. Political practitioners and students of Political Science will enjoy in-depth real life tips and tools to advance their knowledge. Successful graduates will be awarded an International certification transferable badge.

    Credit towards: Middle East and Politics Certificate Program

    Course structure:

    The course provides learning environment to study political processes in the Society, interest and political balance and Security in the political processes.

    Course Curriculum

    Behavior of online voters for PCI 00:45:00
    Mechanisms of effective influence on voting for PCI 00:45:00
    E-democracy for PCI 00:45:00
    Migration across borders in 20th Century for PCI 00:45:00
    Language groups in the Middle East for PCI 00:45:00
    Ethnic groups in the Middle East for PCI 00:45:00
    Russian government electoral interference for PCI 00:45:00
    Social media and internet trolls for PCI 00:45:00
    Fake News for PCI 00:45:00
    • £790
    • 3 months
    • 30 SEATS
    • Course Badge
    • Course Certificate
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