Customs and Border Protection Officer

Customs and Border Protection Officer

Trainees of the course obtain intensive coaching in Immigration International and Homeland Legislation,  including Declarations and Amendments. They also obtain general perspective on trading regulations, government and regulations bodies and specific customs regulations and different legal guidelines.  Together with commercial regulation, crime and anti-terrorist activity monitoring and prevention are tough, embracing recent acts and  international practice. Finally, contact with passengers and suspects are the subject of surveillance and monitoring unit, together with physical contact, questioning and arrest laws and regulations. The learning is based on real-life scenarios and situational training and assignments.


    Our Customs and Border Protection Officer course teaches measures taken by a country to monitor or regulate borders. Border controls are put in place to control the movement of people, animals and goods into as well as out of a country. Specialized government agencies share best practices to perform border controls. The agencies perform various functions such as customs, immigration, security, quarantine, beside other functions.

    Credit towards: Security Management Certificate Program

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