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All of our programs incorporate:

√ Comprehensive readings and video material – The curriculum is built for beginners or advanced students. Through years of online teaching, we are proud to bring our students the best reading and video materials.

√ Quizzes and guiding questions – Each lesson you receive will be followed up by a detailed description of distance learning classroom design, vocabulary, and quizzes which will guide you through your learning process.

√ Scheduled guidance – You can schedule extra weekly guidance from one of our Faculty or assistants to receive direction for your project. You can use our Blog to send comments, questions or to share information you find interesting. What is interesting to you is most likely interesting to our Faculty and other students learning with you.

√ Advancement testing – We want everyone to receive the knowledge and the tools we are so keen to share on the many issues covered. You can test your knowledge through quizzes and open-ended questions and can even compare your progress with others. If you still have questions or concerns on distance learning classroom design, you are free to ask for help at any time.

√ Privacy of records and answers – You decide when you want to share your records with others. If you didn’t do well on a test, you can opt-in to exclude the grade from the final Certificate. When you are happy with your results you can issue your own Document of Accomplishment of the course, add it to your CV and implement the knowledge you received in your course. Your knowledge is the best reward for our Faculty’s efforts and work.

If you choose the Professional Certification option you will also receive:

Project Guidance – You will be guided through your own practical project. After submitting, your project will be evaluated and referred. Once completed, you can publish, print and make your project public in distance learning classroom design. There is no better way to establish professional communication but to show your work to others.

If you choose the Advanced Professional Certification option you will also receive:

Evaluation of the industry – Through our extensive connections within the industry, we provide additional feedback for the projects of our students by experts and know-how people. Don’t be afraid to get the recognition you deserve from the real world! Learn more about distance learning classroom design of IDmap.

Certification Process

We designed a simple certification process which combines the review of your records and project work to accord with distance learning classroom design for your highest satisfaction to provide you with the bet distance learning classroom design. Our Faculty will discuss several features of your work including originality, scholarship achieved, critical judgment, and familiarity with relevant research. If your work fails to satisfy these conditions our research assistants will help you to improve it. Our goal is to bring excellent research to make you and us proud of all of the hard work you’ve done!

January 1, 2019

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