IDmap Institute member of Global Smart City Association

IDmap Institute researches topics of Cyber Security in Smart Cities. Through educational and professional seminars, the Institute shares knowledge and best practices of methodologies and solutions. IDmap Institute became founding member of the Global Society for the Smart Governance
of Smart Cities and Communities, founded in Austria and uniting Government and Academic organisation around the world.

SmartCitGov is a Global and Transdisciplinary Scientific society focused on the Responsible Governance of Smart Cities and Communities (SSCs). Participated by academics from different Continents, together with citizens, institutions and stakeholders involved in the development of SSCs, Society’s venue is located in the city of Vienna-Wien in Austria (Europe).

According to the UN, World’s population is getting increasingly urban and two-thirds is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. Technical and social processes are underpinning such transitions, and disruptive technologies and system innovations are called to play a relevant role towards sustainable, healthy and inclusive living-environments in our future cities.

January 31, 2019
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