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  • Educational Software Training

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    Overall a nice course. Highly Recommended. Instructor is great and forums , groups gave a great discussion platform. Thanks IDmap for providing such a platform.
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  • Middle East Security Analyst


    The course is relevant for all professionals and students who are looking for understanding Geopolitics in the Middle-East with a target oriented approach. The course underlines the overall evolution of relationships between all countries in the area using a synthetic approach and will help you to understand the current situation and to handle contemporary problematic issues. From a professional perspective, it can be used by young professionals to increase their knowledge and to quickly understand how countries interact between them. It may help you in your career as most part of the European and Eurasian issues are linked to Middle-East such as Refugee crisis and Arms trafficking.

  • Middle East Security Analyst


    I found the course to be both informative and balanced. The course is presented in a clear and logical manner with the modules progressing from one to the other seamlessly. Each module clearly builds on the one preceding it. The discussion and modules on the immediate roots of the Middle East conflicts of the 20th century was very illuminating and describe the chaotic situation of the region and competing interests very well. This was an excellent course and a great introduction to the complexities of Middle East politics, ethnic tensions, and the reasons why the region is so fractured and conflict ridden.

  • Middle East Security Analyst

    Outstanding experience! 5

    My company was thinking about doing some business over in the Middle East, but we don't know anything about the Middle East and we've got nobody in the company, that knows anything about the Middle East. So I was tasked with trying to find information about history and culture of the Middle East, so I found this course. It's a good thing I did the course: it's very comprehensive, lots of video, lots of maps, culture and history information, you can get everything about how the Middle East has actually formed and into what it is today, where it was before, who was in rule and how it came about is just absolutely fascinating and it will definitely help me when I go to do business over the Middle East, because now I understand the culture and I understand where everybody came from and what their thoughts are as far as moving at a country. So very beneficial, highly beneficial highly recommended course, you have quizzes you can take to test your knowledge and again there just absolute tons of information from various parts of the Internet, so it's a great course and they've done an absolutely fantastic job about of putting it together all in one place.

  • Middle East Security Analyst

    Very valuable for building knowledge about the entire Middle East region with a good mix of historical, social, economic factors that influence the region. Warmly recommended as a good basis for understanding the Middle East.

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